Roll Of Honour

9th June 1941
ADAMS, Pte, Jack, 2758154. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). Age 22.
AINSLIE, L/Cpl, William Robson Milne, 329331. Royal Armoured Corps. Age 28.
BAILLIE, L/Cpl, Alexander Charles, 2885492. Gordon Highlanders. Age 28.
BEST, Pte, George, 2883741. Gordon Highlanders. Age 22.
BURROWS, Gnr, Charles William, 872276. Royal Artillery. Age 21.
BURTON, Sgt, Kenneth Harwood, 404001. Royal Armoured Corps. Age 29.
CAMPBELL, Pte, William, 2763471. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). Age 28.
CHANTRELL, Pte, William, 7379892. Royal Army Medical Corps. Age 21.
CHISHOLM, Sgt, James Alexander, 2929812.Q O Cameron Highlanders. Age 21.
COHEN, Cpl, Aaron Harry, 2760335. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). Age 30.
COODE, Lt, Donald Alastair, 91438. Royal Engineers. Age 23.
COOKE, L/Bmdr, John, 4690225. Royal Artillery. Age 22.
DIBB, Cpl, Edgar, 746439. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). Age 35.
DINSDALE, Pte, Henry, 4750212. 6th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment. Age 24. EARDLEY, L/Cpl, Albert William, 2072050. Royal Engineers. Age 20.
FARMILOE, Capt, William Arthur, 96878. Rifle Brigade Age 28.
GALLAGHER, Pte, Denis, 2989639. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Age 27. GIBBS, Gnr, William Gore, 879745. Royal Artillery. Age 22.
GREIG, Cpl, Robert, 2881454. Gordon Highlanders. Age 24.
HAMILTON, Dvr, Alexander, 2576082. Royal Corps of Signals. Age 19.
HARLAND, Edwin, 2882955. Gordon Highlanders. Age 20.
HURST, Pte, Ben, 3715891. King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster). Age 26.
JONES, Cpl. HAROLD, 550620. Royal Armoured Corps. Age 32.
KING, L/Cpl, Ernest Taylor, 4803483. 6th Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment. Age 20.
KINGHORN, Pte, Robert, 2884403. Gordon Highlanders.
LANG, L/Cpl, John, 326577. Royal Armoured Corps. Age 20.
LISTER, Pte, Richard, 3319075. Highland Light Infantry Age 23.
MacARTHUR, L/Bmdr, Robert, 1455543. Royal Artillery. Age 20.
McAULEY, L/Cpl, Michael, 2986292. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Age 23.
McKAY, Cpl, Robert, 2928972. 2nd Bn. Q O Cameron Highlanders. Age 28.
McKEOWN, Pte, John, 2760779. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). Age 19.
McGUIRE, Cpl, John, 2934163. Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. Age 24.
MULLEN, Pte, James Cassidy, 3325329. Highland Light Infantry 9th June 1941. Age 27.
MURPHY, Pte, James, 2981807. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Age 24.
O'SULLIVAN, Sgt William Martin, 4803368. 6th Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment. Age 20.
PADBURY, Cpl, John, 320986. Royal Armoured Corps . Age 27.
PEDDER, Lt Col, Richard Robert N., 31724. Highland Light Infantry Age 36.
PLUNKETT, Fus, John, 3773880. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Age 22.
RICHARDS, 2nd Lt, Charles Geoffrey, 126476. Wiltshire Regiment. Age 28.
ROONEY, Pte, Lawrence, 4534896. 2nd Bn. West Yorkshire Regt. Age 27.
SMITH, Sgt, John Rolland, 2986958. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Age 21.
STEVENSON, Cpl, Thomas, 2977763. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Age 31.
STYLES, Sig, Alexander Mundie, 2584344. Royal Corps of Signals. Age 22.
TIE, Cpl, James John William, 2989781. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Age 26.
TITTERTON, L/Cpl, Cyril Arthur, 3604006. 9th Bn. Border Regiment. Age 26.
THOMPSON, Pte, Royce, 2984367. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Age 21.
WOODNUTT, Spr, Desmond, 1894107. Royal Engineers. Age 28.

10th June 1941
HAMILTON, Pte, Robert Scott, 3323516. Highland Light Infantry Age 27.
PARNACOTT, Lt Geoffrey Alfred Henry, 105607. York and Lancaster Regiment Age 21.

11th June 1941
CRAIG, L/Cpl, James Cross, 2763490. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). Age 29.
ROBB, Pte, Leslie, 5570437. Wiltshire Regiment. Age 22.
PURSE, L/Cpl, Jack, 2987094. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Age 24.

16th June 1941
OLIPHANT, L/Bmdr, Archibald Johnston. 894985. Royal Artillery. Age 21.

2nd July 1941
ROBERTSON, Gnr, Andrew, 958993. Royal Artillery. Age 22.

14th November 1941
BARRAND, LCpl., Peter C., Rifle Brigade. Age 22 (10 TROOP).

Ian McHarg is a former Army Commando who lives in the Cotswolds with his wife Donna and black lab Jake.